Let There Be Light: A detailed assessment of the proposed India Buildings hotel.

For those with time and inclination, the Old Town Community Council has produced a detailed assessment of the hotel application and the corresponding planning process (see link below), revealing that the Council’s planning report in favour of the hotel was ”significantly flawed’, presenting insufficient, misleading, contradictory information, representing a clear conflict of interests due to the proposed disposal of valuable public assets implicated with the application.






Council commissioned Conservation and Strategic studies of the Library, obtained through Freedom of Information requests, significantly informed the OTCC assessment. Had these key documents been available to the community when Councillors were deciding on whether to grant planning permission for the proposed hotel the vote would have almost certainly been influenced and may well have resulted in the hotel being REFUSED, given that consent was only narrowly granted by 8 votes to 6.


The Library assessments are available to download here:




For anyone intrigued enough with time to spare, you may like to view the Council’s web cam of the committee proceedings that resulted in the highly contentious hotel being awarded planning permission:


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