Action Following Emergency Public Meeting

For a one page overview of the case please see:

For a comprehensive assessment of the case see:

Armed with this information please support the action of enacting Section 65 of the Town and Country Planning Act Scotland (1997) by lobbying all your representatives on the Council and at the Parliament:

For a template letter produced by the Old Town Community Council see below:

These councillors (serving or otherwise) voted in favour of the hotel (Application 15/04445/FUL):

Perry (L), Lunn (SNP), Blacklock (L), Heslop (C), Milligan (L), Ritchie (SNP), Robson (L), Rose (C)

Please politely write to them urgently asking that they read the evidence as presented in the Old Town Community Council assessment and if they are of the opinion that in voting in favour of the hotel they were “significantly misled” please implore them to urgently sign an affidavit to this effect for public viewing.

Let There Be Light!

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