Key Documents


This major proposed hotel ‘development’ incorporates THREE very significant public assets, disposed without ANY public consultation to discuss alternative options, in addition to the India Buildings (which was also publicly owned until recently).


Consequently, the case is complex, typical of the bureaucratic attrition the public have to contend with in assessing major planning applications.


For ease of understanding the main issues have been summarised in a single page which you can download:


For those with time and inclination the Old Town Community Council has produced a detailed assessment of the application and process:


The Great Carnegie
The Great Carnegie

These assessments have been informed by two key studies, commissioned by Edinburgh Council and obtained through Freedom of Information requests, by local firm Law and Dunbar Naysmith Architects, to inform forward planning of Edinburgh Central Library, in recognition of founder, Scots born Andrew Carnegie, who at the opening ceremony in 1890 stated:

“We trust that this Library is to grow in usefulness year after year and prove one of the most potent agencies for the good of the people of Edinburgh for all time to come.”


The LDN studies are available to download here: